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My Favourite Book

My Favourite Book

My Favourite book is Weirdo (Anh Do Weirdo) because it has so much describing words in the book. My Favourite Part is when a girl came up to him and said “You know it’s a dress up party don’t you?” And then Anh Do Weirdo said “Oh yeah” I replied I am going to dress up as… A Frog! Isn’t that funny!!!

Extra Questions:

What is your favourite line in the book?

My favourite line in the book is when the queen said “Oh bother Finkles.”

Why is the book so interesting to you?

       It is interesting to me because I really like how the story is funny.

  • Who is the main character?

Anh Do Weirdo.

  • Where is the book mainly set?

At school and at Anh Do Weirdo’s House.

  • What chapter do you like the most so far that you have read?

Chapter 5.

  • Why do you like Anh Do Weirdo as a character?

Because he is really funny and silly, friendly and NAUGHTY!

By Allegra

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3/4d’s Excursion to the Botanical Gardens

3/4d’s Excursion to the Botanical Gardens

The very first thing we did was we caught a bus at 9.00 to the Botanical Gardens. It took about 20 minutes to get there in the city. When we were there we put our backpacks down and had some morning tea/recess.

Once we were finished eating we had a walk to this very odd place. We got these sticks and started to bang them together. We saw a man called Ben and he was putting all different kinds of flowers into this aboriginal bowl. Ben put matches onto the leaves and made a Smoke Ceremony. We all put a gum in the bowl and walked around it.

After that we had another walk and had a look at all different kinds of plants and trees. First we saw this tree were Aboriginals climbed up. It was very very VERY!!! spiky.

 Also we had to get into partners and we had to weave some leaves.

The next thing we did was we had 2 rocks, 1 big one and 1 small one and a water bottle (with water in it.)  We had to get a piece of rock (Ochre) and place it on the big rock.  And then we had to smash it with the small rock. Once we had done that we put water on it and made paint.