My Favourite Book

My Favourite Book

My Favourite book is Weirdo (Anh Do Weirdo) because it has so much describing words in the book. My Favourite Part is when a girl came up to him and said “You know it’s a dress up party don’t you?” And then Anh Do Weirdo said “Oh yeah” I replied I am going to dress up as… A Frog! Isn’t that funny!!!

Extra Questions:

What is your favourite line in the book?

My favourite line in the book is when the queen said “Oh bother Finkles.”

Why is the book so interesting to you?

       It is interesting to me because I really like how the story is funny.

  • Who is the main character?

Anh Do Weirdo.

  • Where is the book mainly set?

At school and at Anh Do Weirdo’s House.

  • What chapter do you like the most so far that you have read?

Chapter 5.

  • Why do you like Anh Do Weirdo as a character?

Because he is really funny and silly, friendly and NAUGHTY!

By Allegra

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