Monthly Archives: October 2016

What I did on the Holidays

During the holidays I went to the Royal Melbourne Show with my cousins. We saw many interesting things and went on some cool rides. I went on the Dodgem Cars and the Ferris Wheel.

We also saw a Dog Show. We watched them parade and do lots of tricks.

We went to the Animal Farm and I saw some cows, piglets and a few dogs. I thought the piglets were really cute.

We also saw a woodcutting show but it was a bit boring.

We pet some goats and fed them. They were so adorable!

Then I got some showbags.


A letter to Mother Earth

How  can I help the earth?

I can pick up rubbish every week.

Also I can persuade people why they should not cut down trees. If they cut down trees all left on the earth would be plastic and it will be really dull.

We can also walk or ride a bike instead of going in a car.

I think it is important to look after the earth because if you don’t look after the earth everything would be destroyed.

How can you look after the earth?


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