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What I did on the Holidays

During the holidays I went to the Royal Melbourne Show with my cousins. We saw many interesting things and went on some cool rides. I went on the Dodgem Cars and the Ferris Wheel.

We also saw a Dog Show. We watched them parade and do lots of tricks.

We went to the Animal Farm and I saw some cows, piglets and a few dogs. I thought the piglets were really cute.

We also saw a woodcutting show but it was a bit boring.

We pet some goats and fed them. They were so adorable!

Then I got some showbags.


A letter to Mother Earth

How  can I help the earth?

I can pick up rubbish every week.

Also I can persuade people why they should not cut down trees. If they cut down trees all left on the earth would be plastic and it will be really dull.

We can also walk or ride a bike instead of going in a car.

I think it is important to look after the earth because if you don’t look after the earth everything would be destroyed.

How can you look after the earth?


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The Solar System

Have you ever wondered how the Solar System works?

The Solar System is made up of 8 planets and 1 dwarf planet. The planets in the Solar System are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

The Solar System is Important because if there wasn’t a Solar System the whole world would freeze.

The Planets rotate around the sun to make seasons and daylight.

The Solar System controls lots of different things like Seasons, Day and Night.
And the best planet to visit is Earth because it has the most oxygen to help you breath.

My Favourite Book

My Favourite Book

My Favourite book is Weirdo (Anh Do Weirdo) because it has so much describing words in the book. My Favourite Part is when a girl came up to him and said “You know it’s a dress up party don’t you?” And then Anh Do Weirdo said “Oh yeah” I replied I am going to dress up as… A Frog! Isn’t that funny!!!

Extra Questions:

What is your favourite line in the book?

My favourite line in the book is when the queen said “Oh bother Finkles.”

Why is the book so interesting to you?

       It is interesting to me because I really like how the story is funny.

  • Who is the main character?

Anh Do Weirdo.

  • Where is the book mainly set?

At school and at Anh Do Weirdo’s House.

  • What chapter do you like the most so far that you have read?

Chapter 5.

  • Why do you like Anh Do Weirdo as a character?

Because he is really funny and silly, friendly and NAUGHTY!

By Allegra

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3/4d’s Excursion to the Botanical Gardens

3/4d’s Excursion to the Botanical Gardens

The very first thing we did was we caught a bus at 9.00 to the Botanical Gardens. It took about 20 minutes to get there in the city. When we were there we put our backpacks down and had some morning tea/recess.

Once we were finished eating we had a walk to this very odd place. We got these sticks and started to bang them together. We saw a man called Ben and he was putting all different kinds of flowers into this aboriginal bowl. Ben put matches onto the leaves and made a Smoke Ceremony. We all put a gum in the bowl and walked around it.

After that we had another walk and had a look at all different kinds of plants and trees. First we saw this tree were Aboriginals climbed up. It was very very VERY!!! spiky.

 Also we had to get into partners and we had to weave some leaves.

The next thing we did was we had 2 rocks, 1 big one and 1 small one and a water bottle (with water in it.)  We had to get a piece of rock (Ochre) and place it on the big rock.  And then we had to smash it with the small rock. Once we had done that we put water on it and made paint.

The Digestive System Incursion

😎 The Body Digestive System Incursion 😃

😎 Hello so today I am going to be talking to you about The Absolutely awesome Digestive System Incursion! Let’s get started! And also by the way the the person who talked to us was Sally. 😃


😎 Have you ever wondered why the Digestive System looks really really really really disgusting?

The first thing we did was we lined up in 2 lines to get our lollies. Do you know what we did with the lollies? Well when everyone got a lollie we sat down on the floor and we put them on our tongue and could feel the saliva watering on our tongue! Do you know what color I got? Well I got Yellow. 😃


😎 The next thing we did was we played a game about Peristalsis. Do you know how to play? We all went in 5 groups and standed up and with a stocking and a ping pong ball we put the ping pong ball into the stocking and every time we pushed the ping pong ball down we said “Peristalsis” and do you know who won???? Our team won!! It was so exciting! Do you even know what we got for a prize? Well we got another lollie! This time I got a green one. 😃


😎 After that we sat on the floor and talked about the stomach and the small intestines. 😃


😎 After that we talked about the large intestines on the floor. (my favourite activity\part!) 😃


😎 The next thing we did was we put bread into a bag and we had partners by the way and we put a little bit of water into the bag. And do you know what happened next? We squished all of the water and the bread. It was so disgusting! My partner was Meeka. 😃


😎 After that we also put some oats and cocoa into the bag and put a little bit more water in it. Then we squeezed it again! Then I said to myself “Now that really looks like real poo!” 😃


😎 Then Sally showed and talked to us about the pig’s stomach and the pig’s intestines and the ox’s tongue! After that Sally also talked a little more about the pig’s intestines and stomach and the ox’s tongue. 😃


😎 Then we got to feel all of those Organs! (but with a glove on your right hand) I got to touch everything but most people only got to touch 1 or 2 things? 😃

😎 The end by Allegra! 😃

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